Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Figures based for Impetus

The internet is a great tool. Over the weekend I did some research and determined that Impetus was the right rules set for me.  It is simple, and the figures I had on hand were just right to flesh out two complete armies. So I rebased my figures and here is the result:

These are my three Republican legions. I will be adding one more plus one more base of velites to each legion. I have some Samnites and cavalry on order to round out this force. It will be over 500 points, so should be more than enough for any battle I want to recreate.

These are my Carthaginians and their Spanish allies:

I will soon be adding several bases of Iberian cavalry and some Carthaginian citizen infantry. Victrix will be releasing some elephants this month, and then the next addition will be Gauls. My armies will grow accordingly.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Victrix Republican Romans and Carthaginians

My most recent project, apart from doing some commission work, has been delving into one of the Victrix ancient ranges. I chose the Punic Wars and took advantage of one of Victrix's free postage specials on two occasions.  To date, I have 120 Romans and 102 Carthaginians and Spaniards finished. I am working on 40 more armored Spaniards and just purchased 24 Iberian cavalry and another box of armored Republican Romans. Along with the figures, I have invested in the Little Big Man Studios shield transfers. I have had to experiment a bit, but I think I am making them work fairly well.  Here are some shots of the collection so far.

These are the Carthaginians

Libyan Spearmen

1st Roman Unit

2nd Roman Unit

3rd Roman Unit

Spanish unarmored infantry

It looks like Victrix has plans to add Gauls and elephants to their line of figures. While I am waiting, I will pick up some Samnites and Carthaginian citizen infantry. I believe Victrix also has Roman Republican cavalry. I need to look into that.

Monday, October 9, 2017

My Latest Commission

It is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to paint figures for others. The most recent chance came in two parts: some Warlord French infantry and then a box of Perry French cuirassiers. Here is how they turned out.

If you'd like me to paint some figures for you drop me an email at  My prices are very reasonable and I am able to turn figures around quickly.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

HMGS PSW Fall Convention

I made my way out to Cal State Fullerton for the HMGS PSW Fall convention. It was held in the student union building at CUSF and was a very nice venue indeed. I was there Saturday morning and the turn out was good. I am sure this was helped by the fact that the Orange County Miniature Modeling Show was being held in the same place at the same time.

I didn't play in any games. They were mostly underway when I got there, but I got to chat with some guys and take a few pictures. I am glad I went and it was good to see a healthy group of gamers assembled.

These are pictures of a Napoleonic Black Powder game; Aspern-Essling I believe.  Nicely painted figures, and lots of them.

These are shots of a Gettysburg game in 5mm.  That scale allows recreating huge battles, but it is a bit too small for my tastes. They were having fun, regardless.

The modeling show had some nice displays, but only a couple entrants in the units competition. It made me wish I had brought a couple of my units to set out for viewing. I could have become an award winning painter by default!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Large Hail Caesar Collection SOLD

I am trying to downsize a bit, and so I am going to offer up my collection of Romans and Celts up for sale. Overall, there are 746 infantry figures, 124 cavalry, 4 chariots, 6 scorpions and 14 general stands. These are 15mm Old Glory figures. I also have a Celtic village and 6 Roman tents as part of the package. The sales price is $1,450 and includes shipping to anywhere in the U.S. Anyone interested can contact me at

Auxiliary archers

Auxiliary cavalry

Roman generals

Roman infantry

Numidian light cavalry

Roman light troops
Roman scorpions

Roman tents

Here is the breakdown:


11 X 16 hvy inf
4 X 16 med inf
3 X 12 aux archers
6 X scorpions (each with three crew)
3 X 8 archers
2 X 6 slingers
6 general stands
2 X 12 med aux cav
2 X 8 lt Numidian cav


9 X 32 hvy warbands
2 X 24 fanatic inf
4 X 8 lt spearmen
3 X 8 archers
3 X 8 slingers
3 X 8 lt cav
3 X 12 med cav
2 X 12 hvy cav
4 chariots (each with 2 crew)
8 general stands

Celtic Cavalry

Celtic fanatics

Celtic light spearmen

Celtic spearmen

Celtic village

Celtic warbands

The figures in action