Sunday, July 2, 2017

Warlord Games British Dragoons

I purchased three boxes of Warlord Games' British Dragoons in order to build up two 18 man cavalry units. I opted for the heads with bicorns as my armies are primarily for the war in Spain.

Each box contains six identical sprues plus a bag containing three metal figures.  The metal figures are, at least to me, noticeably larger than their plastic counterparts. The detail is fairly good, but not nearly as good as the Perry plastic cavalry figures. I also wish there was more variety in the poses of the horses; there are only two.

The box allows you to build them up as the Scots Greys, later dragoons with helmets, or, as in my case, early dragoons with bicorns.  On a scale from 1-10, I'd rate them about an 8. The biggest plus is that it fills a gap in available plastics that hasn't been covered to this point.

Here is a link to my Youtube post:

Here are a few pictures:

one regiment with green facings

The other with yellow

I like the detail on the back of the figure more than that on the front

Friday, June 16, 2017

Regimental Fire and Fury Battle Report Part 2

 On my first full day of vacation I was able to get three more turns in on my battle for Shepherdsville. On turn four reinforcements arrived for both sides. The rebels received three batteries of artillery while the Union brought up a second brigade of cavalry. Whiting remained quite aggressive, charging the 1st SC yet again.  This time his two depleted regiments were able to drive off the men from the Palmetto state, however their victory was short lived as they were counter-attacked by the 1st North Carolina. Both units lost two stands and were broken in the process.

After the failed charge by Whiting's regiments

The broken Yankees fall back

Davis's brigade arrives

Three batteries arrive for the Confederates

From behind the rebel line after turn four
Both sides used turn five to reorganize and to bring up their reinforcements. The only action, to speak of, was the charge of Hampton's Legion across a stubble field against two regiments of dismounted Yankees. The rebel horsemen were able to drive the troopers back, but didn't inflict any casualties. They fell back to their starting point disordered.

Hampton's Legion after their charge.

Union troops securing the woods
On turn six one rebel battery came into play, but its fire was ineffective. Whiting's men regrouped on the Union right, ready to stand against the 1st North Carolina if necessary. One of Davis's regiments extended the Union firing line to the left by dismounting there.  Buford's troopers have been stopped cold in their attempt to take the town. And the task will be even harder now that rebel artillery has unlimbered on the high ground.

Here is a link to a Youtube video I posted of the action up to this point:

Youtube Link

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Regimental Fire and Fury Battle Report Part 1

At long last my summer vacation has arrived. Normally, I would be preparing for my miniatures class, but this year the camp I participated in did some downsizing; my class was cut despite always having good numbers. I looked into an alternative venue, but after considering the extra work that would be involved, I decided to take a break. However, I haven't lost my desire to put my figures to use, so I plan to have several solo games to quench my hankerings.

My first undertaking will see my new ACW cavalry stands put into action. I thought I had added a significant number that would allow me to recreate some really big cavalry engagements. I was wrong. Confederate regiments tended to be 400 or more men. That is ten stands in RFF accounting. Regardless, I still have a lot of guys to push around.

The Battle of Sherpherdsville is fictional. It is set in the northern Shenandoah Valley later in the war. Shepherdsville is an important agricultural center for the rebels and the Union high command has ordered a cavalry raid to try to eliminate it as a source of supply for the starving armies of the South. A division of three brigades plus supporting artillery has been assigned the task. Two large Confederate brigades, also with supporting artillery, are racing to counter this move.

Dice have been rolled to determine when the opposing units will arrive. As fate would have it, both sides will enter the table at the same time and then roll on successive turns to see if reinforcements arrive.  The rebs' entry point is closer to Shepherdsvulle, giving the men in gray an advantage. Hampton rolls well for his movement, and on turn one his lead regiment, the 2nd South Carolina advances to the northern end of the town. From this vantage point, Hampton immediately sees a long blue column of horsemen just a couple of hundred yards away. In the next two turns, the 2nd SC wins two successive charges, driving Whiting's Yankees back while buying time for the rest of Hampton's brigade to extend their line east and west of the town. The initial numbers certainly favor the men in gray.

Hampton's Confederates reach the town first and gain the advantage

Rebel reserves move up to support.

The 1st South Carolina wins two successive charges to put the Yankees back on their heels.

The view from behind Whiting's line

The view from west of the battlefield
As turn three ends, both sides are anticipating reinforcements, but are not sure of what they will be. The question at this point is whether or not Whiting's men can hold on long enough to their position south of the bridge to keep the road open for those reinforcements to arrive.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Warlord Games French Ambulance

I have been working on some odds and ends and thought it was about time to post some images of    some completed items. Today's offering is some shots of the Warlord Games ambulance I picked up to add a little something unique to my collection.

This set comes with some nice features and was easy to put together. I think vehicles add a lot to a wargaming table.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

British Guards

I have finished my latest installment of Victrix figures. This batch included a French 8lb  battery, a British 9lb battery, two battalions of the Confederation of the Rhine, and a battalion of British Guards. I always enjoy painting these figures.

Here is a link to a video of my German battalions.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Victrix French as Italians

The last installment of this batch of figures was two battalions of Italians. I painted them as two different regiments for the sake of creating so variety. I like the combinations of reds and greens over the white uniforms.

I have also rebased my command figures on round bases to make them stand out better. I'll post some pictures of them soon.

Victrix offers free shipping every now and then. I took advantage of this latest offering to order four more boxes. I am going to paint up a French line battery, a British foot battery, a battalion of British Foot Guards, and the 5th regiment of the Confederation of the Rhine.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

More Victrix Models

My latest project has been to add some infantry and artillery. I am 3/4 finished with my endeavor, having finished two battalions of Spanish infantry, two battalions of French Old Guard Chasseurs and then a battery of four guns of Old Guard 12 pounders. I also added a third gun to my Spanish battery.
Here is how they turned out.

Spanish battery, Irish battalion, Barcelona battalion

Old Guard 12 pound battery
Old Guard Chasseurs

Both battalions

Today I will begin working on two battalions of Italians. I did the hard part last night, which was assembling the 60 figures. I got them primed this morning and will be able to start painting them later today.

Monday, February 20, 2017


I was fortunate to pick up a nice collection of Seven Years War figures at a very good price. I wasn't sure what to do with them at first, but in looking at the variety of figures, mostly Austrian with some Prussian mixed in, I thought I might be able to transform them into a nice portion of the Reichsarmee. Now this force was a pretty poor one, based on what I have read, but they fought along side of the French in a couple of battles, so they will lend some weight to my French army. They are also quite a colorful army. It took an afternoon to redo some of the paint jobs, mostly facing colors, and another afternoon to rebase them. I am quite pleased with the result. I even had a small brigade of figures to paint up as a Swiss contingent for the French and an extra Hungarian regiment for my Austrian army.
This is the entire collection
Mostly Saxon brigade of the Reichsarmee

a second Reichsarmee brigade

some heavy cavalry

The small Swiss brigade. It has a battalion of the Royal Plogne.
Not sure when they will see some action, but they are ready when needed.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Colonial Collection For Sale

My number of collections of miniatures has grown to the point that there are several that I am sure I will not get around to gaming with much in the future. One such collection is my colonials. It is incredibly difficult to part with it, but it may be that they could bring a lot of enjoyment to someone else, so here it is.

Colonial Miniature Inventory

Zulus                                                      441
Zulu casualties                                     39

Natal Native                                          40

British Inf. (In Red Coats)                 204
Casualties                                             32
Individually based NCOs                    8
Mounted Officers                                  4

Highlanders in Khaki                          48
Individually based NCOs                     3
Mounted Officer                                    1
Casualties                                               9

British Lancers                                     16

Sudanese Infantry in blue                 60
Casualties                                              6

Egyptian Infantry in white                60
Individually based NCOs                     2
Casualties                                             12

Egyptian Cavalry                                16

British Artillery guns                            3
Four horse limber                                   3
Crews                                                     12

Egyptian/Native Artillery guns          4
Crews                                                     16

Beja Warriors                                       200
Beja Casualties                                    43
Individually based leaders                   3

Ansar Infantry                                     200
Slavers                                                   40
Casualties                                             43

Bazi Bazouks                                       40

Ansar Cavalry                                      46
Ansar Camelry                                     28
Mounted Leaders                                  6

Wagons w/4 horses                               2

Pack mules w/2 mules, 1 guide         6

Roark's Drift painted set
Sudan scenery and buildings

I'd prefer to sell the lot all together for $2,100 plus postage at my cost to anywhere in the US.
But if anyone is interested in parts of the collection, let me know and I can give you a price.

Here are some pictures to give you an idea of the quality of the painting and basing.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Latest Additions

I just finished up a couple more battalions of Portugese.  That gives me four line regiments along with a small battalion of light infantry.