Friday, January 17, 2014

Russia Invaded!

Today the Manhattan Beach Military History in Miniature gathered for a Napoleonic battle set in
western Russia, 1812.  An advance force of Bavarians along with a brigade of French and
Swiss was on a mission to secure a vital village and bridge for the advance into Russia.  A Russian division of three brigades plus a division of cavalry deployed to prevent this from happening.  Our time was short, so we jumped right in.

The Russians boldly attacked with their cavalry and achieved spectacular results.  A cuirassier brigade not only routed two regiments of Bavarian horse, but on the pursue test, one regiment rolled a 10 which allowed them to remain formed and continue the attack the next turn.  The other regiment rolled a 4 which meant they had to pursue the routed Bavarian cavalry right into the flank of two disordered French battalions.  It was not a good start for Napoleon!

Fortunately for the allies, the Emperor sent in his Old Guard Polish lancers to turn the tide.  This they did in splendid form.

In the center and on the allied left, two Bavarian brigades slogged forward and into combat with the waiting Russians.  The opposing artillery blazed away at one another at cannister range and nearly destroyed one another.  On this day, the Bavarian gunners proved to be the better, rolling two double sixes and inflicting severe casualties.

As the battle drew to an end, a Bavarian regiment of two battalions stormed a small village held by a battalion of Russian jagers.  Two times the combatants battled to a draw (tie scores on the modified dice rolls.)  Despite heavy losses, the jager brigade held the hamlet as time was called.

On the other flank, the Polish lancers did their job in turning things around, routing a regiment of Russian hussars and destroying a battery of horse artillery.  But there was no infantry on hand to follow up this success.

This was a clear-cut draw if ever there was one.

Before the battle began.  Russian cavalry on the left flank

The Bavarian attack on the hamlet.  Note the Russian battalion being blasted with cannister in the foreground.

The aftermath of the Polish lancers' counter-attack

 Artillery duel in the center. 

Russian cuirassiers deployed aggressively

The beginning of the first cavalry battle

The Russian breakthrough

The village and the bridge prior to the battle.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

25,000 Visits!

Happy New Year everyone. The New Year saw my blog receive its 25,000th visit. Thanks to everyone that has taken the time to check out my posts. I am blessed to have such a fun hobby. It never gets old, and has only become better as I have had the opportunity to share it with a new generation of gamers.

My goal for this year is to increase my output of commission work.  I am very grateful for the clients I have had that have entrusted their figures to my paintbrush. I hope that I will be able to add more over he course of this year.

I am spending this holiday with my daughters and grandson in Ashland, Oregon.  It's a bit cooler here than in Torrance, California, but I have to say that I like it.  It's been a great trip.

Happy New Year!