Thursday, June 24, 2010

I am getting ready for my summer class. The first week will center around the American Revolution. In this little practice battle, an elite force of British and Hessians are trying to push back a division of Americans. This picture shows the starting position of the two sides.

The Brits and Hessians advanced and took an opening volley from the colonists. They sustained casualties, but didn't flinch at all.

On the next turn, the Hessians also engaged with the same basic result. But the Guards managed to rout an American unit, leaving a gaping hole in their line!

The First British Guards lowered their bayonettes and charged home, driving back the extreme left American regiment. But the unit that routed the previous turn rallied (double sixes) and so there is hope that the flank can hold.

On the American right, muskets continue to blaze away, but neither side is willing to give any ground.