Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Victrix 15th Hussars

These are the Perry British Hussars painted up as the 15th regiment.  Very colorful and a joy to paint.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Victrix French painted up as Swiss

I bought a box of Victrix 1809-1812 French infantry to round out my collection.  I divided the box in half.  I just finished a 30 figure battalion of Swiss to be followed by a 30 figure battalion of French.  Though assembling these guys is a bit tedious, I do enjoy painting them.  Here are a few shots of the Swiss.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Battle of Scheidlhausen, pt 2

I was able to fight through two more turns.  It has had some fun twists and turns.  On the Bavarian right, their chevau-legeres have thoroughly trounced their Austrian counterparts, despite being outnumbered. 
After turn four

Turn five sees one Austrian hussar regiment retreat and the other is routed.  Both Bavarian units retire behind their lines to reform.
Things are very different in the Bavarian center, however.  The Austrian numerical advantage has been too much for the thinly deployed Bavarian brigade holding the line there.  The supporting 12lb battery destroyed one Austrian battalion only to be flanked by another.  To the left of this disaster, another Bavarian battalion has been routed by a determined Austrian assault.
The Bavarian 12lb battery in the top center of the picture is in serious trouble.

This shot is from behind the Austrian line.  There is now a gaping hole in the Bavarian center.  Some supporting French units can be seen in the top right rushing to try to stem the tide.
Things have been slow to develop on the Austrian right, but that should change dramatically in the next turn.  This is where the bulk of the Austrian corp has been posted with the objective to turn the Bavarian left.  That blow will be delivered on turn six.
Massed Austrian columns are poised to deliver the telling blow against the Bavarian left.
The Austrians have succeeded in their plan to draw off the Bavarian reserves as the French brigade is committed to fill the breach in the center.  The Bavarians have a wood and a stone wall to aid their defense, but numbers should be the ultimate factor on this flank.  I'll let you know what happens.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Battle of Scheidlehausen

I am playing a solo fictional battle so that I can use my new Bavarians and Austrians.  This fictional account is set in the 1809 campaign.  An Austrian corp is trying to dislodge a division of Bavarians supported by a brigade of French and Swiss.  There is a bridge that must be held.  The Bavarians are deployed along a ridge that overlooks the stream.  The Austrians have chosen to try to pin the Bavarian right flank with an attack by the light division.  The heavy blow is to be delivered by two line divisions on the right.  After three turns, the Austrians have come to grips with the enemy and have achieved a success in the middle of the line.
The Bavarian position

The Austrian light division will attempt to pin down the Bavarian right.

The Austrian attack goes in.  Despite suffering heavy losses from both artillery and musketry, their morale holds

Two Hungarian battalions overwhelm a Bavarian battalion.

The cavalry mele on the Austrian left is a draw and will have to be resolved on the next turn.  A supporting Bavarian cavalry regiment can be seen in the upper left of the picture.  Another regiment of Austrian hussars is just out of the picture and will certainly be coming up in support the next turn.