Thursday, June 28, 2012

Camp VIP Begins

This coming Monday I'll be starting another year of my miniatures class.  I'll be offering three weeks this summer, and all three are filled.  We'll begin with a French and Indian War skirmish game using Sharp Practice.  I have dozens of units for the kids to choose from and I think it will be fun.  Week two will see us refight the Hornet's Nest at Shilo using Regimental Fire and Fury.  This will be my first time using them at the camp so I am interested to see how the kids react.  Finally, week three will be a huge Seven Years War recreation.  There will be five territories held by the different powers.  Alliances will be formed, treaties established and military objectives stated.  And then I am sure there will be deceit and betrayal; at least I am hoping so.  The French will be augmented with loads of Highlander mercenaries.  The Hanoverians will get some help from jolly old England.  The Austrians, Russians and Prussians will be powerful on their own. 

I'll be posting reports almost daily, so stay tuned.

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