Saturday, November 2, 2013

Battle of Scheidlehausen

I am playing a solo fictional battle so that I can use my new Bavarians and Austrians.  This fictional account is set in the 1809 campaign.  An Austrian corp is trying to dislodge a division of Bavarians supported by a brigade of French and Swiss.  There is a bridge that must be held.  The Bavarians are deployed along a ridge that overlooks the stream.  The Austrians have chosen to try to pin the Bavarian right flank with an attack by the light division.  The heavy blow is to be delivered by two line divisions on the right.  After three turns, the Austrians have come to grips with the enemy and have achieved a success in the middle of the line.
The Bavarian position

The Austrian light division will attempt to pin down the Bavarian right.

The Austrian attack goes in.  Despite suffering heavy losses from both artillery and musketry, their morale holds

Two Hungarian battalions overwhelm a Bavarian battalion.

The cavalry mele on the Austrian left is a draw and will have to be resolved on the next turn.  A supporting Bavarian cavalry regiment can be seen in the upper left of the picture.  Another regiment of Austrian hussars is just out of the picture and will certainly be coming up in support the next turn.