Monday, May 26, 2014

Napoleonic Spanish

The latest addition to my Napoleonic collection is a batch of Spanish.  There are 10 battalions, two batteries and two regiments of light cavalry along with four command stands.  This is a very colorful group of units.  The variety of coat colors and uniform styles made it fun to paint up.  Here are some pictures.  I apologize for the poor quality of the photography.
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The light cavalry brigade

An infantry brigade

I thought the Catalonian light infantry turned out particularly well.

270 infantry figures, 36 cavalry, 6 guns and 24 artillerists plus four stands of general officers.


  1. Napoleonic Spanish are my favorite to paint and have as part my collection. Good to read you have similar attitudes about the Spanish as I do. You did a marvelous job here well done!

    you need to re-edit the first photo remove "add caption text" :o)


  2. Very nice looking army, reat work with these beautiful Spanish troops!