Thursday, February 19, 2015

Napoleonic Spanish Army and village

I have just completed my latest project, a Spanish army and a village for them to defend.  All of the figures are Old Glory 15s except for a few Battle Honors in the Irish regiment.  The buildings are from Hovels.  The walls are scratch built from some old cardboard coated with spackling and then painted to match the Hovels buildings.  I am pleased with how it all turned out.

In addition to the Spanish, I also added two batteries of artillery and two battalions of chasseurs a pied to my French Old Guard.  It is becoming a very formidable force.

Old Guard grenadiers and artillery

New Old Guard Chasseurs a Pied

Spanish cavalry

Spanish infantry

A nice shot of the village

Another shot of the village


  1. Nice work Duke. Your village is wonderful. I also love Hovels buildings though in the next scale up! Great to see the Spanish out and about as well.

  2. Beautiful work, Spanish have some really pretty uniforms.