Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Battle of Shelbyville Part 3

Turn 8- At long last, Freeman sees the head of Herringshaw's column advancing steadfastly up the road.  A courier informs him that Karas's command is arriving as well.  Stiffened with this intelligence, he decides to lead the 6th NJ forward to but time for the reinforcements to cross the bridge.
Herringshaw's brigade enters the field
Freeman leads the 6th NJ up the slope to slow down Herringbone's South Carolinians
As hundreds of muskets blaze away, the rebels get the best of the firefight.  During the Confederates turn, Greene's battery of the Lynchburg Artillery takes up a firing position squarely on Freeman's flank.
The Lynchburg Artillery takes up position on the Union flank
Purdy continues to pull back his cavalry.
The end of turn 8
Turn 9-  Herringbone is determined to drive the Yankees back, so he leads his men forward in a splendid attack on the 6th NJ.  At first, the men from the Garden State resist fiercely (a tie in the die roll), but the weight of numbers finally takes hold and the gritty regiment is all but destroyed with 70% of its men either killed or captured.
The rebels counterattack

The situation at the end of turn 9
At the very end of the turn, the deadly 2nd NY Lt. Artillery fires yet another blast, this time at the disordered South Carolinians. A 10 is rolled, casualties are inflicted and Herringbone is killed by a shell fragment as he was trying to reorganize his victorious men (a 9 rolled on the officer casualty table.)  Also during the turn, the rebel artillery blasted Herringshaw's 3rd NY as it tried to get across the bridge.  The head of his column is stunned by this ferocious fire.

Turn 10- All is confusion at the bridge.  Both sides are trying to reorganize as quickly as possible.  Excitement surges through the Confederate ranks as news of Dinwiddie's arrival spreads through the ranks.
Dinwiddie's Mississippi brigade comes onto the field of battle
As both sides attempt to regroup at the bridgehead, tragedy strikes the Union command corp when General Herringshaw is killed instantly by a well aimed cannon ball.  Confusion is reigning at the hotly disputed bridgehead.

Karas continues to urge his men towards the rebel right flank.  This could be the Union's best hope of a victory.
Confusion reigns at the bridgehead.

Karas's command

Karas presses his men forward, seeking to take the rebels in the flank
At the end of turn 10, the issue is still quite in doubt.  All of the available forces are now on the field.  It is now a matter of who can seize the initiative and keep it.  The Confederates hold favorable ground, but the Yankees have the advantage in numbers.  Also, the Union artillery has had its way with the rebel guns despite a large disparity in guns.


  1. Very dramatic and enjoyable game! Look forward to seeing the rest.

  2. Thanks David. I appreciate that. I just checked out your blog. I will definitely spend more time there in the near future.