Sunday, September 20, 2015

Perry Dragoons, box 2

Two weeks ago I picked up a second box of Perry dragoons.  This is a great kit full of nice models.  You get 13 mounted, 8 dismounted PLUS six casualty figures.  They assemble easily and the quality of the figures make them a joy to paint.  I just have to base the dismounted dragoons and then I'll be finished with the project.  My 28mm collection is becoming quite formidable.  I think I have over 500 figures, including cavalry, infantry and artillery.  They are solely for viewing pleasure at this point, but one day soon I hope to get them on a table and see what it is like playing a game with them.
Dragoon officer

casualty stand

base of troopers

trumpeter. very handsome figure

The whole unit plus three of the casualty stands.
another casualty stand

the elite dragoon

the standard bearer


  1. Great painting job. Like you I collect and paint but don't game. I agree this is a great set of figures from Perry. Question - how did you do the basing for these figs? - I like the grass effect. My basing method id pretty basic - cover the base in PVA , dip into a tray of sand mixed with sawdust and then drybrush. It looks good , but not as good as your bases.

  2. I use a light weight spackel on the base and glue the figures on with white glue. While the glue is still wet, I apply patches of Wodoland Scenics medium ballast. I let that dry for 24 hours. The next step is to cover the whole base with a watery dark brown paint; I believe it's Burnt Umber. When that has dried, I dry brush the base with a lighter contrasting color. The final step is to brush on diluted white glue and then sprinkle static grass over that. You can see the final result above.