Sunday, April 10, 2016

What I have been up to

I have been busy doing a lot of painting lately.  I have had the good fortune of having some fun commission work to do, mostly in 25/28 mm, but some 15 mm as well.  For myself, I have been painting up a lot of 28 mm cavalry to bring my units up to either 18 or 24 in number.  They look quite impressive when arrayed in formation.  Here are a few pictures.

Old Glory 2nd Edition Yanks.  I did three boxed sets of these.  They had enough detail to make the painting enjoyable.

I did three boxes of Rebels as well.  
These are Foundry command figures.  These are corp commanders and aides de camp, all French

These are divisional commanders, again, all French

A close-up of the divisional commanders
Perry British Lt. Dragoons painted as KGL.  This brings that unit up to 24 figures

Warlord Games French Chasseurs.  A second box to bring this unit up to 24.
More Perrys, but painted as an earlier unit.
Next up on the painting table will be a huge commission of Elite Miniatures early Napoleonic Prussians.  That should keep me busy for quite awhile..