Monday, January 16, 2017

Sharp Practice 2 AWI Figures

I am just about finished with my Sharp Practice 2 collection of figures. The vast majority of them came from the Warlord Games Liberty or Death set. I purchased an extra box of Indians and one of American militia to round thing out, and I have a box of British infantry on the way and a British gun and crew to paint. Further down the line I may pick up another box of Hessians, but I am sure I have more than enough figures to play out just about any scenario I'd want to.

I have uploaded a couple of videos of the collection to YouTube:

The British:

The Americans:

It took me awhile to get the hang of how to assemble them. There are some very small parts that proved to be a challenge, but I eventually figured things out. I am pleased with the look of them and I enjoyed painting them. The basing is rather simple.  I used the plastic squares that were provided and just added some Woodland Scenics ballast. I primed them flat black and then dry brushed with a dark gray. I made movement trays for each group, using artists' board and match sticks; very inexpensive but very useful. For some of the officers I had some extra round discs I bought at Joann's. The fences in the picture were all included in the Liberty or Death set.

British General

British gun and crew

Full British regiment with three line companies, a grenadier company and a light company.

Hessian contingent including two line companies, a grenadier company and a unit of jagers.

A loyalist unit

One of two warmands

American gun including Molly Pitcher figure

Continental regiment

Five companies of American militia

American riflemen

1st Maryland

Virginia Regiment
I had some Perry AWI figures that I had painted up and I hoped I might be able to include them, but they are clearly smaller than the Warlord Games figures and don't mix well at all.

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