Friday, June 16, 2017

Regimental Fire and Fury Battle Report Part 2

 On my first full day of vacation I was able to get three more turns in on my battle for Shepherdsville. On turn four reinforcements arrived for both sides. The rebels received three batteries of artillery while the Union brought up a second brigade of cavalry. Whiting remained quite aggressive, charging the 1st SC yet again.  This time his two depleted regiments were able to drive off the men from the Palmetto state, however their victory was short lived as they were counter-attacked by the 1st North Carolina. Both units lost two stands and were broken in the process.

After the failed charge by Whiting's regiments

The broken Yankees fall back

Davis's brigade arrives

Three batteries arrive for the Confederates

From behind the rebel line after turn four
Both sides used turn five to reorganize and to bring up their reinforcements. The only action, to speak of, was the charge of Hampton's Legion across a stubble field against two regiments of dismounted Yankees. The rebel horsemen were able to drive the troopers back, but didn't inflict any casualties. They fell back to their starting point disordered.

Hampton's Legion after their charge.

Union troops securing the woods
On turn six one rebel battery came into play, but its fire was ineffective. Whiting's men regrouped on the Union right, ready to stand against the 1st North Carolina if necessary. One of Davis's regiments extended the Union firing line to the left by dismounting there.  Buford's troopers have been stopped cold in their attempt to take the town. And the task will be even harder now that rebel artillery has unlimbered on the high ground.

Here is a link to a Youtube video I posted of the action up to this point:

Youtube Link

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