Friday, July 28, 2017

15mm Old Glory Napoleonic Austrians

One of the most entertaining aspects of this hobby for me is to  get an idea, formulate a plan, and then put forth the time and resources to bring the idea into reality. I have just finished one such project, a large contingent of Austrians based for General de Brigade, a scale of 1:20.

Here is how they turned out.

A full brigade with supporting landwehr battalions

Line regiments defending the town

Border regiments and jagers holding the right flank

Austrian light cavalry brigade

Another view of the town

The newly added grenadier division of seven battalions, each of 24 figures.

A cavalry battery

A landwehr brigade of the light division

Line regiments defending the church

The reserve cavalry division of two brigades

Another line brigade with supporting landwehr battalions.


  1. Good looking project! Where did you source the walled church? I want one!

  2. Very nice Duke. I think if my memory serves the walled church is the old and very sought after Scenic Effects model. Lovely