Saturday, August 4, 2018

Quatre Bras After Action Report

I was joined by four fellow gamers today for a General de Brigade recreation of the opening of Quatre Bras back in 1815. Three of our number are seniors in high school and lovers of military history. It was a joy to interact with them. They courteous and well spoken young men.

The game started out with the French going on the attack across the board. The very first shot fired was a French battery rolling a double six against a Dutch battery. Not a good beginning for the allies!

Turns 1-5

Turn 1- The French left advances towards the farm and the wood.

Turn 2- The allies advance their cavalry to slow the French advance.

Turn 2- A Dutch battery that was driven off by counter battery fire.

Turn 4- The French general advance continues. French chasseurs a cheval fail to close to contact. This would have major consequences for the rest of the game on this flank.

Turn 4- From behind the allied right.

Turn 5- Pressure mounts on the farm. Dutch hussars defeat the stalled chasseurs and drive them back with loss.

Turn 5- Intense action in the farm. No, it's just bad photography.

Turn 5- The Dutch battery is back in the action.
On the French right, the Materne pond was a tactical problem that altered the battle considerably. Also, the Dutch Jaegers did a good job of making things difficult for the French battalions.

Turns 6-8

Turn 6- The French infantry finally drive back the Dutch jaegers, and the French lancers get past the stream and in position to do some major damage.

Turn 7- A French lancer regiment catches a Hanoverian battery in the open and destroys it. This exposes the right flank of Picton's infantry.

Turn 7- From behind Picton's line.

Turn 7- The allies win some critical melees on their right.

Turn 8- The allied center is in distress as the jaegers and a battalion of Hanoverian line have been routed from the field.

Turn 8- A French regiment moves up in support.
The game was winding down. It appeared the allies had the edge, but things were still very much up in the air. The last couple of turns would be of critical importance.

Turns 9-12

Turn 9- The French drive off a Nassau battalion in the wood, but another is in position behind it.

Turn 10- A lone Hanoverian battalion remarkably is able to halt an attack by French lancers. The allied center is saved, at least for the moment.

Turn 11- Two small French battalions desperately try to turn the allied left flank. But the elite 95th Rifles are able to hold the vital hill.

Turn 12- Picton counter-attacks to check the French

Turn 12-  A lull in the middle.

Turn 12- The Dutch/Belgian cavalry is stopped. The French have gained very little ground on their left flank.

Turn 12- A very strong allied line stands between the French and the village of Quatre Bras.
It was a great day of wargaming.

Here is a link to my YouTube video, taken after the battle was over:

YouTube video


  1. Another enjoyable post with your lovely armies - thanks.

  2. Heya Duke,

    Might have missed it, but who makes your buildings?
    Did you post the re-enforcement schedule anywhere?
    QdB is one of my favorite GDB games which we have played a few times but never to conclusion. Well done here!


    1. Hi Scott. The buildings are from Crescent Root. I just checked out their site,, and it appears they don' sell them any more. I bought them unpainted. They were fun to paint. As for a re-enforcement schedule, our time was limited, so the two reserve brigades came on in consecutive turns. The French player on that side of the table chose to attack straight ahead instead of maneuvering into the town. Cutting the road was a major objective for the French. Taking the town would have forced Picton's division to attack, and that would have been costly.