Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tell me I'm not crazy

I have a large collection of SYW figures, including armies from Prussian, Austria, Russian, France, and Hanover. I orginally based them for Warfare in the Age of Reason. Then I decided to re-base them, increasing the size of each regiment by 50%. I recently acquired a large amount of unpainted SYW figrues with the intent of painting them and the reselling them. But I made the misake of checking out the DieKriegspunt blog and associated web sites. I have decided to rebase the figures once again, but making them a little bit larger so that I can make them more appealing visually.

I have justifed this exercise with the reasoning that basing materials are a heck of a lot cheaper than figures. I enjoy the process and the result is much better than what I had before. I'll post some before and after pictures soon. Most of my regiments are fine. I'll need to add some figures to fill out my Prussian units, but I have a ton of them, so this won't be a problem, and it's only 4 figures per batallion. That's pretty easy. My biggest challenge will be in filling out the artillery, but I think I have enough unpainted guns to do the trick.

The larger bases take up more space, which creates storage probelms, but they look much better. I can use the units for either rule set, so I haven't burnt any bridges there. So I'll have some fun at a very low cost. In these economic times I think that is a good thing. But perhaps I am just rationalizing. Is this a hobby, or an obesession?

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