Sunday, October 2, 2011

Crisis at the Crossroads

Using the book The Battle of Quatre Bras and some magazine articles, I have put together a battle that takes place at about 3:00 during the battle of Quatre Bras.  The scale isn't quite right, but it gives the general idea of the situation faced by the Prince of Orange at that time.  His lonely Dutch/Belgian division was trying to hold the vital crossroads.  The French had gotten off to a late start, but were making up lost time quickly.  Here are some shots from the first three turns.  To summarize, the French columns of Bonaparte's division jumped off and were quite successful in pushing back the Belgian jagers.  Their initial artillery blasts were also very effective (double sixes), but alas, no officers were hit.
Soye's brigade pushes back the Belgian jagers.

Bonapate's other brigade deploys to attack the wood.

French chasseurs a cheval threaten the allied left flank.

Lancers prepare to attack the crossroads.

From behind the French right

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