Sunday, October 9, 2011

End of Crisis at the Crossroads

I wrapped up the recreation of the Quatre Bras game I was playing.  In the end, the allied left was able to drive off the French, inflicting very high casualties on each battalion.  Even the Belgian dragoons came through against their French counterparts.  On the other flank, the Nassau battalions in the woods were able to hold their ground, but two Dutch militia battalions were destroyed when they were caught in the open by French lancers.  The Dutch foot battery was also overrun by lancers.  Despite these losses, it appeared that the Prince of Orange would be able to hold on with the few reserves he had on hand, partiularly the unblooded Dutch hussars.

The decimated French battalions can be seen trying to regroup in the background

The cavalry meles

The French high water mark in the center.

The Nassauers stubbornly hold on to the woods.

All in all it was a fun game.  Several charges turned out to be surprising and a couple of double sixes had an inpact on the overall outcome.  The big Nassau battalions were tough in firefights having so many figures.  The French columns were not successful in punching through them.

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