Friday, January 27, 2012

Great game today

13 kids showed up today for a game of Regimental Fire and Fury.  Six Confederate brigades were given the task of holding off six large Union brigades, the major prize being a bridge over a small stream in the middle of the table.

Our time was short, and this was the first go at these rules for us.  Despite that, we were able to get through six turns in a little over two hours.  The Rebs did a solid job of holding back a disjointed attack on their right.  On the left, however, Hood's division lost sight of its major objective, which was capturing and holding the bridge.  The much larger Union regiments, though mostly green, were able to drive back a skeleton force while troops from the center were successful in capturing the bridge.  We had to end the game just as things were getting pretty interesting.  In the end, though, it was clearly a Union victory.  I'll post pictures over the weekend.

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