Saturday, October 26, 2013

HMGS Fall Event

I just returned from the game I hosted at the HMGS convention.  Ten of my students showed up eager to go.  Here are a few pictures from the day.  I'll try to post a more thorough report in the next couple of days.
The battle was fictional, but took place during Napoleon's 1809 campaign against Austria.  In our scenario an Austrian division is conducting a rearguard action against two divisions, one French and the other Bavarian.  The Austrians were spread very thinly and did an admirable job of slowing down the enemy hoards, but in the end the critical objective, a small town held by a battalion of conscripts, fell after a stalwart defense.  A last ditch counter-attack was turned away by the Bavarians that had captured the place on the last turn of the day giving the allies the victory

The Austrian reserves hurry to lend aid to two heavy batteries.  Their arrival saved this portion of the Hapsburg line, but this was not enough to save the situation.

Two Bavarian regiments take on a larger Austrian hussar regiment.  The Austrians came out on the short end of this mele.

This picture shows the second Bavarian attack going in against the key objective.  The French to their left were not a s successful, being stopped cold by musketry.

An overview of the battle.
We were able to get through eight turns in three hours.  The time went by very quickly.  The boys flitted in and out to take in some of the other games that were being conducted.  I had to leave at 1:00, but a few of the kids stayed to play in a World War II game.  It was a very worthwhile use of a Saturday morning.

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  1. Nice report, pity that you have not had time to finish ...