Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Now Accepting Commissions for Finely Painted Wargaming Figures

The fact is that I thoroughly enjoy painting wargaming figures.  Over the years, I believe I have become fairly good at it.  As I throw my hat into the painter-for-hire ring, there are two things that set me apart.  First, I am very reasonably priced.  I am charging $1.25 per 15/18mm infantry and $2.50 for 15/18mm cavalry.  Fees for 25/28mm are $2.25 per foot figure and $4.50 per cavalryman.  I will paint figures to a customers specifications and will guarantee satisfaction.  My blog is filled with pictures of figures I have painted over the years, so my ability is easy to judge.  I will also base figures if desired using the style that can be seen on my blog.

I believe a second advantage I can give is a rapid turnaround.  I am able to complete 100 figures in less than a week.  That's as close to instant gratification in this business that there is.

If you are interested in a quote for painting some of your figures, please contact me at:

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