Saturday, February 1, 2014

Recent additions

I  have painted up some reinforcements for the French side consisting of four regiments of Poles and three from the Confederation of the Rhine.  I am going to pick up some Polish artillery plus another couple of battalions to round out that contingent. They will come in handy when Napoleon has to take on the combined forced of the allies in future games.  Here are some pictures:
This is a Polish regiment of two battalions, each of 24 figures.  They are Old Glory 15mm.

Another Polish regiment plus the brigade commander

This is the divisional commander

An overview of most of the reinforcements

I have one battalion of the vaunted Vistula Legion

These are the men from Lippe, part of the Confederation of the Rhine 5th Regiment.

And these are from Mecklemberg.  Very colorful indeed.

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