Monday, February 24, 2014

More Additions

I have been busy with doing a commission of 28mm Bavarians.  I have finished 180 and have 90 more to go.  But as an interlude, I a painted up a few units to round out a few of my collections.  The latest recruits include two regiments of cossacks, two of Austrian cuirassiers, and then two battalions of Poles, two Polish foot batteries and a unit each of Polish uhlans and chasseurs a cheval.  Here are a few pictures of the men on the table.  I am looking forward to seeing them in action soon.
This is the Polish contingent

These are the Austrian heavies

Two small regiments of Don Cossacks

Another angle on the Austrians

The Poles from the flank

A closer shot of the infantry, the 3rd Regiment, and a battery
My Polish forces are now at a healthy division strength with supporting cavalry.  They are now on par with my Bavarian contingent. The Austrians will now have a small reserve to support the corp already in place.
Along with the two regiments of cossacks, I painted up a light and heavy battery of Russian artillery, each of six gun models.  That corps now has five foot batteries and a horse battery.  Now back to painting 28mm Bavarians.

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