Sunday, June 15, 2014

Flames of War

Well, as is typical of me, when I jump into a new project I go all in.  In the last two weeks I have been busy building up two forces for Flames of War.  I started with a U.S. rifle company.  Then I received the Flames of War started set and added a German infantry company, three Stugs, two Pak 40 guns, a platoon of U.S. paratroopers, six Shermans and two fireflies.  As it that weren't enough, yesterday I picked up five Panzer IVs and a couple of ruined buildings.  I also scratch built about 20 "dug in" positions that turned out better than I had hoped they would.  Here are some shots of the guys out on the table.  Now I just have to keep working at learning the rules.
US paratroopers LMG teams and bazooka team dug in

Dug in US rifle platoon

Dug in US weapons platoon

These are the new buildings put out by the people who used to be JR Miniatures.  Very nice.  Removable roofs. The white one even has a second floor.  Perfect for Flames of War.

US paratrooper platoon. Two teams are hidden in the buildings.

The armored contingent.  Two platoons plus a command

Another shot of the weapons platoon.
To face this force is a formidable group of Germans.
German infantry.  I can go with three platoons of four stands each or two platoons of six stands each.

Another platoon. 

The PAK 40s.  I like how the bases turned out on these.

The new Panzer IVs.  I was even able to get the tine decals of vehicle numbers onto the turrets.

The stug platoon.
I picked up a book that will allow me to build equal forces in terms of points.  This, I am sure, will only cause me to buy more units so I have the ability to make a wider variety of forces.  But for now, I think what I have will give me enough to try many elements of the rules.  The videos online are helpful, but I need to play the situations out on my own to get a better feel for the mechanics.

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