Monday, June 30, 2014

Camp VIP Year 12

Today I launched year twelve of my military history in miniature class.  11 young men and a brave young lady turned out, which is a full compliment of students.  With the Fourth of July holiday we will only be meeting four times this week.  I pulled out all of my French and Indian War stuff and set it up last Friday.  Here's what it looked like at the outset of the game:

This is the town at the eastern end of the table.

The frontier fort at the western end.

Looking east toward the town.
We use the Sharpe's Practice rules, though I have chosen not to use the "Tiffen" card.  These are kids, after all, and I want them all to stay as engaged as possible.

This year I added specific "missions" for each player.  On the British side, a wagon train needs to make its way to the fort to resupply it, Rogers' Rangers must rescue some hostages in a hostile Indian village and the Virginia State Militia, comprised of three companies, have to protect several farms and a blockhouse in the middle of the table.  As for the French, their main tasks involved doing as much damage as possible to the all too comfortable locals.

We got three turns in today.  Two farms have been burned and some farmers taken hostage.  The natives get an extra die for movement, so they have been able to hit and run fairly successfully.  They haven't done so well in attacking the fortified positions of the British on the eastern side of the fort.  These young students are learning some lessons the hard way.

We'll continue on tomorrow, and I will take more pictures.

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