Monday, August 11, 2014

Solo ACW Game Ends

With school just around the corner, time has run out on my ACW solo game.  In the final analysis I'd have to say it was a bloody draw.  Neither side was able to breakthrough his opponent's line.  If and edge has to be given, I'd say it would go to the Union.  Their line held firm and they were gaining an advantage on the Confederate left.  Additionally, the rebels' attack on the stone wall was repulsed with very heavy casualties, as the photos will attest to.  Where the gray and butternut did have an advantage, on their right flank, the loss of general officers brought their momentum to a halt.  They lost a total of four brigadiers out of eight.
Two Union brigades have steadily driven back two Confederate brigades, capturing the commanding hill on this flank.

The Union attack in the center has been stopped cold.  But the opposing rebels have been worn down considerably.

Casualty stands give vivid evidence of the heavy losses the men in gray sustained in their attempt to pierce the Union line here.

On the extreme Confederate right, a leaderless brigade of Virginians is forced to pull back.

A Confederate brigade was set to charge the Union center, but the untimely death of the brigadier stalled the effort here.

A shot from behind the Union position at the stone wall.  On the last turn a single rebel regiment actually made it past the wall, but failed to win the melee with the defending Yankees.

Union units are close to a breakthrough on the rebel left.
This was a very fun game.  I like using the casualty stands as they give a good record of where the fighting was the hottest during the battle.  I have made a sufficient number of them so that I can put one down each time a stand is lost in the game. 

There were a lot of units to maneuver, so each turn took quite a bit of time.  But that is always going to be the case in a large game like this.  On the plus side, with so many brigades in action things tended to even out.  However, there were a couple of crucial die rolls that were quite exciting.  At the very end the rebels had a chance to break through at the wall.  One regiment actually got across the barrier and came to grips with a green unit.  It had a real chance of winning, but a roll of "1" pretty much ended that foray in an emphatic way!

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  1. Nice! Looks like a great game with beautiful armies...