Saturday, August 9, 2014

Solo Regimental Fire and Fury Game

I just finished up rebasing all of my ACW figures for Regimental Fire and Fury.  I now have the ability to field just about any order of battle for either side up to over a corp in strength.  This is a good thing for when I do my summer class.

I have also set about setting up some "fictional" orders of battle, making up the commanders' names and rolling for their abilities and for the units' ranking.  I put a corp on the table for each side.  Most of the units are trained or green to start with, but I'll adjust their classification based on their performance in battle.

Here are some pictures from my first action with these made up armies.  It has been fun pitting them against each other.
Union artillery in the center was effective, but paid a price.

Action on the Confederate left.  The rebels weren't doing very well on this flank.

A southern charge against a Union brigade behind a stone wall, supported by artillery, didn't go well.

On the Confederate right, this charge drove back three large Union regiments.

From behind the stone wall position.

This is a Union brigade advancing in the center.

A wider view from the Confederate left flank.
In five turns of play several commanders have been killed or severely wounded on both sides.  One Union division lost a brigadier and then the divisional commander when he tried to take control.  As many of the units are trained or green, they are fairly brittle.  Four have broken on the rebel side trying to shake off disorder or as the result of suffering extremely high casualties in attempting to assault stone walls.

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