Friday, January 23, 2015

Commission Work

I have been busy the last couple of weeks working on a commission, painting up a load of Perry plastic miniatures.  I had painted up some of the cavalry, but had yet to put a brush to any of the Napoleonic infantry.  They are a shade smaller than their Victrix counterparts, but are just as detailed and a pleasure to paint.  The photos below are not very good, but they do give an idea of how the project is coming along.
Dragoons and infantry command

Elite companies

line companies
Overall, I am pleased with how this project is turning out.  I am just about finished with a unit of hussars and then will tackle the last lot, some Austrian infantry.

If you have any interest in securing my services I am very reasonable and fast.  Leave me a message and I'll get back to you promptly.


  1. Very nice work! Would you consider an 18mm project?

    cheers, Jim

    1. Absolutely! Email me.