Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ligny Conclusion

After two more turns it is clear that the French are not up to the task of taking Ligny.  While they have ample infantry for another strong attack, their cavalry has been crippled in trying to hold the flank, suffering over 50% casualties and the Prussians have an unblooded brigade moving up to deliver a death blow.  This, in turn, would leave the French infantry columns extremely vulnerable to a flank attack.  Meanwhile, several attacks in the center have either been stopped cold or routed.   The only real success has been on the Prussian left.  But even there, the terrain and arriving reinforcements will enable a second solid defensive line to be established.

The French cavalry have been thrashed by the more numerous Prussian horsemen.

Fresh squadrons are in position to deliver a death blow and turn the French left flank.

Attacks on the Prussian center have failed.  The French unit in the foreground has just been routed.

These two battalions have been stopped cold by combined musketry and cannon fire.

Light infantry on the Prussian left has been successful, but a newly organized line awaits their depleted ranks.

The Prussians have just been too tough to dislodge.

On the Prussian right, several battalions have yet to fire a shot.
As the dust is settling, the French artillery was a huge disappointment while their Prussian counterparts were quite up to the challenge.  Additionally, the French infantry were continually unable to overcome the enemy's fire in trying to close.  In the rare times that they did, poor dice rolls seemed to always go against them.  The French cavalry fought valiantly, but could not overcome the numerical advantage of the Prussians.  The sniping of Prussian jagers proved to make a huge difference as even just one casualty was enough to lose several bonuses and allow the inferior Prussian horsemen to gain the upper hand.  In hindsight, the French needed to use their batteries to beat down the Prussian guns so that their infantry could get to grips with the poorer quality Prussian infantry.

It was a fun game.  I hope you have enjoyed the pictures and running account of the battle.  Happy New Year!


  1. Great sequence of reports! Happy new year!

  2. I really enjoyed this battle, thank you for the description! What I am interested in is 1.: how you used the forces of the Prussian Jaegers - how many dices they have in comparition to a line regiment. They were very effectful in your battle it seems. 2. what rules do you use?
    We are developing own rules, based on Black Powder and Honours-of-War, so I would be happy for some help from your side. If you don´t mind.
    Sincerely, Peter

    1. I use General De Brigade. Line units USA a chart with a host of modifiers to shoot. Skirmishes, however, simply roll two dice per six figures firing (2 for 8 figures of lesser ability). A hit is registered with every 6 rolled. GdB uses a ratio of 1/20, so a battalion of jagers could have 12 to 18 figures whis 4 to 6 dice each turn they fire. It's a bit simplistic, but I prefer it to more complicated systems.

    2. That means, that the Jaegers are not really a special weapon with f.i. sharpshooter qualities. That sounds good with the 2 dices/6 figures - that helps me. Thank you very much!!
      I also prefer simple and logical rules..

  3. Thanks for the these battle reports - really well done! This was a fun battle to follow and I have to say that you laid out a very nice gaming table. Sumptuous!

    Cheers, Jim