Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Blue Moon Minatures Fort Wilderness

I just finished painting up Fort Wilderness from Blue Moon Miniatures.  It is a very large set with lots of buildings, more than I need really, but I had to have the gate with the large block house over it.  It's very similar to the Fort Apache gate that ignited my love of military miniatures back when I was in 1st grade.

I primed everything with black spray paint and let it all dry overnight.  I was pleasantly surprised that the set comes with all the metal walkways that are needed for the fort's walls.  I had to trim the support posts to make them fit, but it all came together pretty well.  I was able to paint everything in about five hours of work.  All I need to do now is scratch build a few ladders to make the walkways accessible.

One thing that I did that will make a difference is cut out cardboard pieces and glue them to the roofs.  This helps to keep them in place.  Otherwise, they slide around too easily.

I am very pleased with this.  It's an expensive set, but with the Old Glory Army discount it was a reasonable purchase.  This will be the center piece for my FIW skirmish game that I'll be doing with my miniatures class later this summer.

To enlarge, just click on the picture.

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