Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Warlord Games Napoleonics

I have just finished up my first figures from Warlord Games, a unit of French chasseurs a cheval and a detachment of the 95th Rifles.  I have painted scores of Vicrtix and Perry plastics, so I was curious to see how the Warlord Games figures would measure up.

Positively, they are easier to assemble than the Perry and Victrix.  They are also very compatible size-wise and will fit right in with the rest of my collection.  There was enough detail that painting them was pleasurable. I felt the poses of the Rifles were varied and nicely animated.  The chasseurs, however, were not quite so much so.

I don't have many complaints apart from the lack of pose variation for the chasseurs.  I think they are a little more expensive than Perry and Victrix on a per figure basis, but the access to a wider variety of units makes that worthwhile.

The service from Warlord Games was terrific.  They were shipped from England at no cost and arrived quite quickly.  I am sure that I'll be ordering more figures from them in the near future, but not until I finish up the Vistula Legion pack and the 12 British casualty figures I still have to do.

Here are a few shots of the lads.