Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Accepting commissions for painting wargaming figures

The fact is, I enjoy painting wargaming figures and I think I have gotten to be pretty good at it. In throwing my hat into the painter-for-hire ring, I believe I have two very desirable qualities: I am very reasonably priced and I can paint a large number of figures rather quickly.

There are many, many examples of my workmanship on this blog that will give interested parties an good idea of my ability.  For 15mm figures, my price is $1.25 per infantry figure and $2.50 per cavalry figure.  I am also willing to negotiate discounts for larger commissions of 100 or more figures.  Prices for 28mm are $2.00 per infantry figure and $4.00 per cavalry figure.  I can base your figures to your specifications for a very reasonable fee.  Again, my blog has scores of examples of my style.

Interested parties may contact me at I'd love to have the opportunity to turn your lead into gold.

28mm Victrix Highalnders
28mm Victrix British Artillery
15mm Old Glory figures

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