Sunday, November 15, 2015

General de Brigade tutorial part 3

Turn five saw the Perponcher winning the initiative yet again.  Gaauthier's brigade was moved back 30cm during the compulsory move phase.  During the orders phase, Gauthier was replaced with an ADC who hopes to reorganize the brigade and get back into the fight.
The retired brigade in its new position

Foy's ADC arrives to try to straighten things out.
On the French left, the skirmish screen attempts to drive in the Dutch/Belgian screen.  They suffer two casualties on the way in, but roll well for morale and are able to close.  The Dutch/Belgians pass their morale check as well, so there will be a melee.  It turns out to be a draw.  Each side is unformed and loses a figure.  The melee will continue in turn six.
The skirmish battle.
During the fire phase the Dutch artillery inflicts another casualty on the retired French brigade.  But to the right of the battery the 1/Orange Nassau battalion unleashes its first volley of the game with deadly effect; a double six is rolled.
 A horrific volley!
The 2/100 loses six figures, is faltered and will have to take a morale check at the end of the turn.
the 2/100th has lost a stand and been marked as faltered.
The nearby brigadier now must test as well.  He rolls a six...
The risk to general chart
He is lightly wounded and immediately moved back 20cm.  He will be out of action for turn 6.

Turn six: The French won the initiative for this turn, and it would prove helpful.
There were no compulsory moves this turn, so it was time to see if the newly arrived ADC could get Gauthier's brigade back in the fight.  Since the brigade had been broken it received a minus 1 to its roll.  But the dice added up to nine, less the one equaled 8, which was enough to give the brigade an assault order.

Jamin's men did their best to continue the fight while their general's light wounds were attended to.  The 3/100th, in position on the Dutch battery's flank, need to roll a five or six to be able to charge since they were out of command range.  A five was tossed, so the charge was on!  Additionally, the two skirmish screens would be fighting out their melee for a second turn.

In the fire phase, the French were quite unlucky, inflicting no hits.  The Dutch/Belgians, however, were quite the opposite.  Their battery, with no chance to realign the guns to defend against Jamin's infantry, decided to unleash one last salvo at Foy's limbered guns.  A double six was rolled, doubling the number of hits to four and forcing the battery to pull back 20cm faltered.
The Dutch battery did terrible execution to the French limbered battery.
Elsewhere along the line, the Orange Nassau battalions did more damage to their French counterparts, despite the -2 for having fired the previous turn.
The 2/100th Ligne loses another stand and is faltered and does no damage to the 1st Orange Nassau

The legere battalions continue to move through the woods.  It's taking a long time to get these veterans into the fight!
In the melee phase, the Dutch/Belgian skirmishers were just able to eke out a victory over the French light infantry men.  On the other side of the field, the 3/100th lowered their bayonets and charged the flank of the Dutch battery.  The helpless gunners had to take a morale test.  They rolled a nine, but had to deduct -2 for being artillery and -4 for being charged in the flank.  The result was the artillerists had to flee their guns and retreat 20cms.  The 3/100th carried the position, but now their flank was exposed to whatever reserves Perponcher might have lurking in the hamlet.

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