Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My Latest Napoleonics

I bought myself a Christmas present through Warlord Games: a box of late Victrix French infantry and then some officers, casualty figures and a small group of engineers made by Warlord Games.  Here are some of the pictures.
Warlord Games French engineers

Warlord Games British officers (figure on the left painted as a Portugese colonel)

Warlord Games French officers (grenadier head taken from the Victrix infantry box)

Victrix grenadier company

Victrix infantry command stand with Warlord mounted colonel.

Victrix voltiguers

Victrix line company
The whole battalion

Warlord Games French casualty stands
My collection of these 28mm plastic figures has grown to be formidable and includes infantry, cavalry and artillery.  I want to get a box of the new Victrix French artillery and add another box of Victrix British artillery.  Perhaps one day I'll actually put them on the table and have the two forces slug it out.

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  1. All look lovely duke, the engineers are my favourite through, Very cool!