Monday, February 8, 2016

Quatre Bras 2-3 o'clock

Ney's legions stepped off to the attack this afternoon in this recreation of the battle.  Cannons blazed across the placid fields, tearing the mid afternoon calmness to shreds.  Bijveld's battery bravely held the ridge south of Gemioncourt for as long as possible, but not without the loss of a gun.  It's shot and cannister knocked 60 men out of the 2/4th Leger's ranks.  The 27th Dutch Jagers also put up a stiff fight, even after the artillery withdrew.  Despite being considerably outnumbered, the riflemen dropped several of the French skirmishers and even managed to lightly wound General de Brigade Campi.

Stevenaar's battery added to the cacophony of sound to cover the retreat of Bijveld's guns.  On the French left, Gauthier's men engaged a battalion of the 2nd Nassau that was sheltered in the Bossu Wood.  On the other end of the field, two battalions of the 2nd Legere occupied Peraumont.  Ney's assault, despite being tardy, is off to a good start.

Here is how things looked at the end of four turns, of one hour of historical time.

The 2nd Legere prepare to occupy Peraumont

Campi's men tangling with the 27th Jagers.

Gauthier's brigade about to enter the Bossu Wood

French horse artillery supporting Bachelu's Division

Jamin's Brigade driving off the allied artillery.

An overview of the battlefield looking east from the Bossu Wood.
The garrison of Gemioncourt await their fate as the battle boils over the ridge towards them.

Stevenaar's Battery in action


  1. Some Great photographs!
    Look forward to following the engagement.

    1. Thanks so much John. It's great to get some feedback on my site!

  2. Lovely to see your troops on the table Duke, cracking collection!!!

    1. Paul, you are too kind! I was just watching some of your videos last night. Keep them coming. I love them.

    2. Glad you like them Duke, they are handy to remember what we have been working on. You should try 1 for your games and collection.

  3. Looking fantastic Duke - great images as well mate.