Thursday, February 11, 2016

Quatre Bras 3:00-3:30

  I played out two more turns on the original table set up.  The French have been able to drive back the allied skirmish screen and secure the ridge overlooking Gemioncourt, making it untenable for continued defense.  Foy's division has been able to get a foothold in the Bossu would and Pire's light cavalry have advanced within charge range of the Dutch/Belgian infantry.  Things have become desperate for Perponcher.  But just as hope seems to be lost, two regiments of Dutch/Belgian cavalry arrive as does the vanguard of Picton's division.  So it is time to shift the battle to the next table setup.

Bachlu's division takes the ridge.  Pire's cavalry are in the foreground.
Gauthier's men drive back the 2nd Nassau

Pire's cavalry advance to attack towards Quatre Bras.
The 27th Jagers have put up a stubborn defense, but are finally driven back by superior numbers.

The 5th Dutch Militia and the 7th Belgian Infantry Regiment form a line to cover the retreat of the garrison of Gemincourt and to buy time for the allied cavalry to deploy.
Over the weekend I will shift the battle northwards and things will get busy very quickly as reinforcements are arriving for both sides.  What has been largely a skirmish and artillery duel will develop into a full scale battle in the next couple of turns.

This will serve as the map for the next phase of my battle.  My table gives me just enough room to recreate the heart of the battle.  So far, the simulation has followed history to almost a tee. 

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