Sunday, May 1, 2016

Flames of War Game at School

On Friday our wargaming group got together for a FOW battle.  I had painted up a couple of special tanks for one of the students and he wanted to get them into a game.  This student set up the scenario.  American infantry was given the task of holding a town against an attack by German armor.  The Americans had a platoon of Priests on the table and would have some Shermans joining them as the game went on.  The Germans had only tanks; ;no infantry.

The Americans dug in to defend two bridges and a ford.  They had a couple of bazooka teams that sheltered in buildings close to the bridges.

The Germans moved up their tanks.  One platoon contained a Konigstiger tank.  The panzers took up firing positions and began to shatter the American defenses with close range blasts.  This took a toll on the beleaguered GIs.  But they somehow managed to hold on, despite losing the entire platoon of Priests.

The game was getting close to the end and the Germans had to take the town to win, so they charged over the bridges.  At one crossing, a bazooka was able to dismount the lead tank, so the attack stalled. At the other end of the town, the Germans learned the hard way that it is a very risky thing to attack without infantry support.  Three panzers entered the town and were assaulted by six teams of American infantry.  Despite issuing a sizable amount of defensive fire and losing some stands, the assault went in and one team was able to destroy the lead panzer.  This blocked the road and stalled the attack on this end of the town as well.  As the game was ending, a third American infantry platoon had gone of the offensive, crossed the ford and had made its way to the flank of a platoon of panzers.  Though they would have suffered heavy casualties, they would have posed a threat to the enemy that could not be ignored.  An American victory was declared.

The town before any forces had been deployed

Dug in Americans

The Priests are destroyed.

The brave defenders take shelter in the buildings.

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