Sunday, May 8, 2016

Victrix French Artillery

To add some punch to my French forces, I ordered a couple of boxes of Victrix French artillery.  That gave me a total of six additional guns, but I only needed four.  What to do with the extra two?  One option was to build a half battery of Old Guard artillery as there were pieces that would allow that.  But that would mean having 10 French artillery sections to just six for the allies.  Therefore, I chose option two which was to attempt two sections of Spanish artillery using the heads with tricorns.  Between the two boxes I had several heads that had plumes very similar to what the Spanish wore.  I think they turned out pretty well.  I also used some extra arm selections from some infantry boxes that let me increase the number of options for the French gunners.  Here is how they turned out.

The whole battery

close up

From the side

British Light Dragoons bearing down.

Spanish battery

While I am posting, here are a couple of shots of the commission I am working on for a friend, Elite miniatures early Prussians.  These have been a pleasure to paint thus far.  These were the second of two brigades of line infantry I have done thus far.
These are some of the grenadier figures I have done.

These are musketeers

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