Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Day 2 of SYW Campaign

My young pupils arrived eager to renew the battle they had begun yesterday.  Each side was allowed to select a certain number of points in reinforcements.  The place and time of their arrival, however, was determined by dice rolls.  Coincidentally, all of the Prussians arrived on their right flank despite only having a one in six chance of doing so.  This brought that end of the table to life in an instant.  By the end of the day's action, a Prussian cavalry brigade had forced two Russian infantry brigades into square and destroyed a battery.  But one of their regiments suffered 75% casualties in the effort and a Russian light cavalry brigade has fortuitously arrived in time to probably drive off the Prussian horsemen.  But a brigade of Prussian grenadiers has maneuvered into a position to be able to attack the second most important objective that is held by a single Russian battalion.

Prussian cavalry attack on the right flank

Prussian grenadiers prepare to attack an important objective
In the middle, the Prussians sent over a lone brigade to take on three Russian ones.  The Prussians were forced to take a brigade morale test due to the number of losses they suffered, and they failed. so back across the bridge they went.  A second Prussian brigade arrived and took up a defensive position on the other's left flank.  This sector settled into a firefight.  Prussian jagers were able to inflict 75% casualties on a Russian heavy battery, but other than that, this sector was a stalemate.  In the grand scheme of things, however. two Prussian brigades have been able to tie down four Russian ones.  This could have a major impact on the outcome

Prussian attack on the middle is blunted

The action is now primarily a firefight.
On the Prussian left, the cavalry melee continued to see saw back and forth.  The Russian fought desperately.  At the day's end, though, one brigade was completely wiped out and the other was close to the end.  The Prussian cavalry on this flank has suffered close to 33% casualties.

The meat grinder that is the Prussian left flank.

The numbers are considerably lighter at the end of the day.


  1. I'm the one who sent the two calvary brigades up the left flank. I have a small infantry brigade coming up the left flank too, but the Prussians have 2/3rd's of a infantry brigade right in front me, about to face off. Go Russia!!

  2. Also, by the way Mr. Winser, I noticed a typo. At the end of the second paragraph outcome doesn't have a period after it.