Monday, July 11, 2016

Day One of SYW Campaign Game

We got off to a good start today in our mini campaign.  Despite the fact that the majority of the kids were new to wargaming and I didn't have my usual helpers, we got on fairly well.  The first hour and a half of the day was spent going over the rules, dividing into teams, and choosing brigades for the initial moves.  Each side was allowed up to 2,500 points in figures.
The Set Up

Cards were used to represent the various brigades until they came within 12" of an enemy card.  At that point, figures were placed on the table.  The Russians, who I assumed would take up defensive positions and do their best to hold their ground, took the initiative and sent two strong heavy cavalry brigades to attack the Prussian left flank.  The Russians didn't know this was the very point that all of the Prussian units would be entering from this day.  Needless to say, the Prussians were surprised.

The Russian cavalry colunms.

The first charges of the game.  The Russians won one and the Prussians the other.

An overview of the action

The Prussians avoided disaster with some lucky dice rolls.  Their cuirassiers were able to turn toward the onrushing Russian heavy cavalry, otherwise they would have been hit in their flank and easily defeated.
Some of the young gamers involved.
In the following turns the Prussians were able to consolidate their position.  They were even able to rally a militia battalion that had been crushed by some victorious Russian horse grenadiers.

As the day was winding down, a Prussian brigade marched over a bridge to attack the Russian center. Cards were turned over and the Prussian commander was dismayed to see that two strong Russian infantry brigades, one supported by heavy cannons, were ready to receive him.  When the smoke cleared his leading battalion was reduced by 50 percent, yet it passed its morale check.  His jagers were able to cause casualties on both Russian batteries.  
Bevern's Brigade attacks over the bridge.

The Prussian left flank at the end of the first day.

The Russian center
After a short debriefing, the boys dispersed for the afternoon, all eager to return to the action tomorrow.


  1. This camp is really and probably among my favorites! Go Prussians!

  2. Replies
    1. NO! GO Russians!! Still awesome game though. : )

  3. This is probably my favorite summer camp. Go Russians

  4. This is the most fun game I've ever helped out with.