Saturday, August 26, 2017

Large Hail Caesar Collection for Sale

I am trying to downsize a bit, and so I am going to offer up my collection of Romans and Celts up for sale. Overall, there are 746 infantry figures, 124 cavalry, 4 chariots, 6 scorpions and 14 general stands. These are 15mm Old Glory figures. I also have a Celtic village and 6 Roman tents as part of the package. The sales price is $1,450 and includes shipping to anywhere in the U.S. Anyone interested can contact me at

Auxiliary archers

Auxiliary cavalry

Roman generals

Roman infantry

Numidian light cavalry

Roman light troops
Roman scorpions

Roman tents

Here is the breakdown:


11 X 16 hvy inf
4 X 16 med inf
3 X 12 aux archers
6 X scorpions (each with three crew)
3 X 8 archers
2 X 6 slingers
6 general stands
2 X 12 med aux cav
2 X 8 lt Numidian cav


9 X 32 hvy warbands
2 X 24 fanatic inf
4 X 8 lt spearmen
3 X 8 archers
3 X 8 slingers
3 X 8 lt cav
3 X 12 med cav
2 X 12 hvy cav
4 chariots (each with 2 crew)
8 general stands

Celtic Cavalry

Celtic fanatics

Celtic light spearmen

Celtic spearmen

Celtic village

Celtic warbands

The figures in action

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