Monday, December 31, 2018

Looking to the Future

It is New Years Eve, a universal time to pause and look to the future. For me, 2019 will bring forth many new changes, particularly in my personal life. Those, however, are for a different blog and a different time. As for my hobby, I have some clear goals for the New Year.

First and foremost is to put the hoards of figures I have painted into action. I want to play some Sharp Practice II games in both 28mm and 15mm. I have a huge frontier fort in 15mm to use with my French and Indian War figures that should be very fun. I also have a large collection of 28mm figures for both the AWI and the Napoleonic Wars.

For Christmas I took advantage of Novus Design Studios' terrific holiday sale and purchased a ton of their 15mm road and river sections. I have added some details to all of the road sections and I am anxious to get them onto the gaming table.  These are a little larger than I would like for 15mm, but they are very nice pieces and will add a lot of realism to my games.

I am sure that much of my gaming in 2019 will by of a solo nature, but I would like to continue to host games for the students at my school.  This is a labor of love as it takes a lot of time and energy without any tangible paybacks. But my years of teaching are drawing to a close, and I know that I need to make the most of these last three semesters to pass on this wonderful hobby to the next generation.

I find it hard to justify the purchase of many more miniatures for my own personal use as I have far more than I can use reasonably. So, I hope that I will be able to pick up some significant commission work as I love to paint miniatures. I had some terrific patrons this past year; I hope to pick up a couple more in 2019.  If you need some figures painted up quickly and at a reasonable price, please keep me in mind.

I hope you have a great New Year. Thanks for following my blog.

God bless you and yours,


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