Sunday, February 17, 2013

March 23rd Convention Game

The wargaming club at the school I work at is going to put on a game at the HMGS PSW convention on March 23.  It is going to be a Regimental Fire and Fury game based on McLaws' attack on the peach orchard at Gettysburg on July 2.  Below is a map of the table.  I have really enjoyed researching this particular encounter.  I learned that it began with one of the largest artillery exchanges of the war.  I'll be hard pressed to field all of the batteries that were present on both sides!  But it should be a colorful game.  The Union had two zouave regiments play important roles in the battle, including the 73rd New York Fire Zouaves.

I hope to have at least six players for the game which will be played on a 6 foot by 4 foot table.  I have five to six of my kids from school committed to attending.  It will be great for them to experience an actual convention.  They are the future of the hobby and I hope this experience will encourage their interest.

Today I was able to label all of the Confederate forces.  They are a formidable force, indeed.  Two of the brigades, Kershaw's and Barksdale's, are made up of crack troop troups.  The regiments are also fairly large in comparison to earlier battles. Several weigh in at 10 or more stands.

If you have any interest in participating in the game please let me know.

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