Saturday, February 23, 2013

Perry and Victrix Napoleonics

I just finished some Perry plastic French dragoons.  It was the last of the available cavalry kits that I had yet to paint.  It contained a lot of great stuff: 13 mounted dragoons, 8 dismounted plus three French and three British infantry casualty figures.  The figures were very easy to assemble and I was pleased with the overall result.  Here are a few photos.

I had fun making the bases for the dismounted figures.  Here are a couple of shots of them:

As it was a very nice day, I decided to take a few shots of my entire collection.  It has grown to be quite formidable, and it was good to get them out of the display case and out into the sunlight.
It was hard to get the whole collection into one shot.  There are 8 British/Allied battalions,  French, 4 French cavalry units, one British, and a battery on each side plus some officer figures and a smattering of casualty stands.

I have to say, I really enjoy painting these plastic 28mm figures.  There is so much detail that it's hard to go wrong.  I hope you enjoy.

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