Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Peach Orchard Preparations

I am taking advantage of some time off this week to prepare for the game our wargaming club will be hosting at our convention in March.  I think I have captured the main features of the battle field.  The topography has proven to be tricky and probably off to some degree.  But I think I have the main elements.  Here are some pictures of the preliminary set up.

This looking west and is an overview of the Union position

This is the Wheatfield Road manned by guns from the Artillery Reserve

This is looking south down the Emmitsburg Pike.

The Peach Orchard
The Sherfy farm

Barksdale's and Wofford's brigades on McLaws' left

Kershaw's brigade on McLaws' right.

I am interested to see how the game plays out.  The Confederates will have an additional brigade advance behind Kershaw on the right, but other than that all of the forces are on the table.

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