Sunday, August 11, 2013


My latest project is putting together a large force of Austrians.  I have finished the artillery, 7 batteries, two battalions of Hungarian infantry, four of German, a unit of grenz, a unit of jagers, a battalion of Vienna landwehr, and a regiment of chevauleger plus four brigadier stands.  With the larger Austrian battalions, that's a lot of figures!
Chevauleger and a horse battery.  Half of the jagers are on the right.

The grenz and two batteries from the reserve artillery

Hungarian and German infantry

More German infantry.

The Vienna landwehr on the right behind a brigade battery.
With school starting soon my pace will slow down considerably and I still have a lot of infantry to do plus two large regiments of hussars.  More pictures will follow as other units are ready to be placed upon the table.

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  1. Hi Duke, just started to follow your blog, some nice units you have. I paint Old Glory figures myself, along with AB and fantassin (Warmodelling)