Monday, July 29, 2013

Solo Battle ends with a bang!

Dice make for interesting conclusions, especially in solo games.  In this instance, the French heavy battery rolled a double six when it fired upon a Russian half battery across the way at long range.  In General de Brigade, a double six necessitates looking at a different table: the result was two extra casualties upon the battery and it had to immediately limber up and retreat!  Well, this was quite fortuitous for the French as a significant portion of the Russian defensive works were now undefended.  A large Russian regiment that had been in reserve moved up to plug the hole, but two French battalions charged, passed their morale checks and forced the lone regiment to retreat.  A breakthrough had been achieved at long last.  A fresh French brigade was in place to exploit the success and the Russians were forced to abandon their town.  The French had sustained very heavy casualties, but they had captured a Russian horse battery and bested the Russian cavalry.  The day was theirs.

French lancers defeat Russian cuirassiers
After the half battery is forced back by a very luck role, two French battalions attack and defeat a Russian battalion
A final shot of the action.  With the French breakthrough and intense pressure upon the flanks, the Russian must retreat and concede the victory to the French.

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