Sunday, March 2, 2014

Commission Work

It has been my good fortune to be able to pick up a couple of commissions in 2014.  The first was some AWI cavalry and light infantry.  These were 18mm Blue Moon miniatures.  The client did the basing, which in my opinion is excellent.  Here are some pictures he was kind enough to send to me.

The other project was quite ambitious and still not finished.  To date I have painted up over 300 infantry figures, the vast majority being made by Front Rank.  These are beautiful miniatures and a joy to paint.  The detail is excellent.  Here are just a couple of shots to give an idea of how they have turned out.
I am not quite sure why they are upside down.  Sorry about that.

A closer shot that reveals the details
 I have been able to finish 90 figures in a week's time.  The client is doing the basing in his unique style.  He says it takes longer for him to base them than it does for me to paint them!

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