Friday, March 7, 2014

A Military Gentleman

John Ray is an Englishman that has taken the art of wargaming to the out limits of awe and wonder.  I had seen photos of the miniatures that he had sculpted and painted, both inspired and demoralized by them.  Then, last spring, I read that he was going to publish a book containing pictures of his unbelievable collection.
Fast forward a year later, and through a really terrific turn of events including several emails with the author himself, I am now the proud owner of a copy of this limited edition.  It is a treasure!  And along with the purchase, I am now eligible to join a private forum he has developed that will follow various campaigns involving his lovely miniatures.  John Ray is truly a military gentleman if ever there was one.

Below is a link to the web site that will provide a link for purchasing the book.  It is amazing.  And if you should choose to buy one for yourself, please tell him that Everett referred you to him.  Thanks!

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